Learning Mathematics

I read about MathMosis in our local paper and ordered it right away. I can't wait to receive the CD and try it! Congratulations on your dream come true. I am proud to support a local business and someone motivated to make a difference for our children!
Janeil DiVita, Macomb, Michigan
Stay at home mom , Child Age: 4
My son heard this CD at school and has not stopped singing it around the house. He kept asking me if he could get the numbers song, and I had no ideal what he was talking about until I went to school conferences and asked the teacher; who then played it for me. I see what a useful, fun tool this is for the children and have suggested it to many of my friends for their young children. I plan on making this a Christmas gift for all the little minds on my list.
Tricia Cartledge, chesterfield, Michigan
, Child Age: 6
I often use music to help kids learn counting skills. I have worked with children who have Down Syndrome, autism and mental retardation who have all benefited from songs that use melody and rhythm to help in counting. I especially like the song for counting by 10's and 9's in the mathmosis collection because these songs use distinctive melodies to help with the counting. I have written a helpful article about using music to help with counting at my blog: Music Makes Sense, http://musicmakessense.blogspot.com.
Daniel Tague, Keller, Texas
Music Therapist , Child Age: 4
I have been meaning to let you know of our success with Mathmosis. At least 50% of my class is on track to passing multiplication timed tests up to 9's. We have added our own dances to the songs. The beat of the 6's lends itself nicely to doing the Macerana. Sometimes we do the famous "Saturday Night Fever Point" to the 6's. We tarantella along the the 8's and paddle out and surf to the 11's. My students and I are having so much fun with Mathmosis. I also used the CD in my afterschool math program. It was such a treat for the second and third grade students to dance, sing and learn their multiplication facts.
Patrice Palermino, Mt. Clemens, Michigan
teacher , Child Age: Select Childs Age
I was just getting in to multiplication 1 and 10s now I can get thirty problems in less than a minute
Jordan Gallo, Harrison TwpMI , Michigan
, Child Age: 8
I would like to see this implemented in all elementary schools!
Melinda Gough, Macomb, Michigan
Baker College
MathMosis is “A great supplemental math program to encourage students to be fluent,” in their multiplication and division facts.
Utica, Michigan
5th Grade Teacher
My daughter loves the MathMosis Music. When I put the CD on, she comes running! It is great because it helps her learn to multiply and the best part is she’s having fun too!
Jeanie Madou, Chesterfield, Michigan
2nd Grade Parent

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