MathMosis Counting System teaches children math and how to count by multiples and provides students with a strategy that aids in understanding mathematics, multiplication and division

What is the MathMosis Counting System?
The MathMosis™ Counting System teaches children math and how to count by multiples and provides students with a strategy that aids in understanding mathematics, multiplication and division. There are three steps to the MathMosis multiplication and division method. They are

1. Learn to Count
2. Practice Counting
3. Practice Facts

Several MathMosis products make up these three stages to the MathMosis method. Children learn to count by multiples through the I Chant, You Chant counting system and/or through MathMosis Music. Children then practice counting through a variety of activities such as visual, movement, music, drama, and analytical discussions. After counting is mastered, students can multiply and divide using the MathMosis multiplication and division strategy. MathMosis makes math easy!

What are other MathMosis Products?
For the most effective results using the MathMosis instructional system use all of the products below:

Learn to Count products include:
  • MathMosis Counting System Book - provides a complete understanding of the I Chant, You Chant teaching method and of the entire MathMosis system (Coming Soon)
  • MathMosis Music- helps children learn to count and practice counting though listening to music

Practice Counting products include:
  • MathMosis Posters- provide a visual for large groups and aids in analytical discussions
  • MathMosis Number Charts- provide a visual for individuals and aids in analytical discussions (Coming Soon)
  • MathMosis Mania- allows children to practice counting kinesthetically

Fact Practice products include:
  • Customized MathMosis Worksheets (Coming Soon)
  • MathMosis Flash Cards (Coming Soon)

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How does the MathMosis Counting System help my child with math?
Studies show that the average person only remembers 5 numbers at a time for a short period of time. With practice and repetition the average person will remember those 5 numbers for a long period of time.

MathMosis presents numbers to the children in small groups so that the child can store the numbers in their short term memory. MathMosis then repeats the numbers several times through a variety of ways including music, movement, visual aids, and analytical discussions. This process reaches many different types of learners and makes the learning process interesting and fun. MathMosis then provides children with a strategy which aids in the understanding of multiplication and division.

What is MathMosis Music?
MathMosis Music subliminally teaches children math through music. Children of all ages enjoy this pop-style music while learning and practicing counting by multiples. Children then learn and use the MathMosis multiplication and division strategy which aids in understanding and memorizing multiplication and division problems. MathMosis Music is a component of the unique MathMosis learning system that allows children to learn at their own rate and encourages children to excel in math at an early age! MathMosis Music is a component of the MathMosis Counting System.

How old should my child be to begin the MathMosis Counting System?
Children can begin learning to count with MathMosis Music as early as when the child learns to talk! MathMosis Music is recommended for listening enjoyment from birth through adulthood. The recommended age to begin teaching the multiplication and division strategy and practicing multiplication and division problems is 5 years old. However, MathMosis is a developmental program. This means some children may be ready earlier and some later. Adults will know if the child is ready by giving the child a problem and modeling how to obtain the answer using the strategy. After modeling the strategy a few times the adult should allow the child to try to answer a problem independently. If the child understands the concept the child can begin practicing for a few minutes each day. If the child is not ready, the adult should have the child continue learning to count and should try again a few months later.

How much parental involvement is there with MathMosis?
Children can learn to count by listening to MathMosis Music anywhere, anytime, and any place, with or without their parents. After the child learns to count parents or teachers can teach the children the strategy and practice a few facts. This process takes only a few minutes every day.

Will my child like MathMosis Music?
MathMosis Music is a pop-style music. The lyrics to the music encompass a variety of topics from exercising to science. MathMosis Music is upbeat and very catchy! Click Here to listen to song samples

What comes with the MathMosis CD?
MathMosis Music includes an audio music CD and an 8 page insert that includes an explanation of the MathMosis process, the multiplication and division strategy, and the lyrics.

What is a math strategy?
A math strategy is a method that children use to find an answer to a problem. For example, in learning to add a child might use objects, such as crayons, to help obtain the answer. MathMosis provides students with one multiplication strategy that children can use for all multiplication problems and one division strategy that children can use for all division problems.

What are math facts?
Math facts are math problems such as 2 X 3 = 6 or 20 ÷ 4 = 5 Math facts can be addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. However, the MathMosis Counting System assists children in learning to count by multiples and learning multiplication and division facts.

How much does MathMosis Cost?
Prices vary for MathMosis products can be viewed under the product tab of this website. There is a handling fee for each product which can be viewed in the shopping cart. Products ship from New Baltimore, Michigan and from New York, New York. All products ship via UPS. Rates vary depending on where you live. There is 6% tax added to every order.

Why 3-5 weeks for shipping and handling?
We keep MathMosis products in stock. However, due to popular demand it is possible that MathMosis Products may ship directly from the manufacturer which takes up to 5 weeks. If the products are in stock, they will ship within 3 business days.

When will my credit card be charged?
Credit Cards will be charged for the purchase upon placement of the order.

Why do I have to pay 6% tax?
The State of Michigan requires Brain Party, Inc., by law to collect 6% tax on all orders. The State of Michigan has a 6% sales tax on all products sold in Michigan to residents and a 6% use tax for all products sold in Michigan for non residents.

What is the return policy?
We take great pride in our products and want our customers to be satisfied. You may return any item purchased via this website within 30 days of purchase for a refund. There is no refund on shipping and handling. If you are returning a CD or DVD, the item must still be in the shrink wrap to receive a refund. If you did not purchase one of our products through this website and wish to return the item, please contact customer service where the product was purchased.

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