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MathMosis Mania Game and Charts (UPC 01145,01169)
MathMosis Mania Games
MathMosis Mania provides children with a visual and kinesthetic approach to learning while having fun. The game gives children practice in counting, multiplication and division. MathMosis Mania grows with children as they learn!
MathMosis Mania includes a game board. bingo chips, a set of dice, a sand timer, and 12 MathMosis number charts. Children will learn to play four different MathMosis Mania games. They are:
  • MathMosis Mania Makes Me Memorize Multiples– A Counting Game
  • MathMosis Mania Multiplication
  • MathMosis Mania Division
  • MathMosis Multiplication Bingo

Recommended Age: 7-10

Recommended Quantity: 1 Per Household
Price: $29.95


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