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MathMosis™ is a counting system that makes multiplication and division as easy as 1, 2, 3! There are three steps to the MathMosis multiplication and division system.
They are:
1. Learn to Count
2. Practice Counting
3. Practice Facts
Kids learn math and to count by multiples through singing or chanting. Children then practice counting through a variety of activities including analytical, movement, music, and drama activities. After counting is mastered, students can multiply and divide using the MathMosis multiplication and division strategy. MathMosis makes math easy!

Math Teaching Games

The MathMosis CD is happy and energetic music that is fun for all ages. Children learn to count by multiples through repetition ...

Price: $19.95


The MathMosis Classroom Kit is an instructional tool which coincides with a school’s already existing math program. MathMosis was designed for kindergarten through third grade classrooms. ...
Price: $159.95


MathMosis Posters
There are 12 MathMosis Posters which provide a visual for students while learning to count. The posters are printed on heavy cardstock ...
Price: $89.95


MathMosis Mania Games
MathMosis Mania includes four game boards so up to four students can play at a time. It includes transparent bingo chips, a set of dice and a sand timer. .

Price: $24.95


MathMosis Book
The MathMosis book completely describes the entire MathMosis system. It is filled with short lessons outlining the I Chant, You Chant teaching methodology. ...
Price: $29.95


There are 12 MathMosis Number Charts that provide a visual for children while learning to count.  The Number Charts are printed on heavy cardstock.  All Number Charts are 9 inches ...
Price: $14.95


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