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MathMosis Class Kit (UPC 01008,01138,01152,01176)
The MathMosis Classroom Kit is an instructional tool which coincides with a school’s already existing math program. MathMosis was designed for kindergarten through third grade classrooms. Supported by research, this math supplemental teaches children to count by multiples through a variety of learning modalities and utilizes a strategy which assists in understanding and memorizing multiplication and division problems beginning at an early age.

With the MathMosis Classroom Kit, children
  • Develop strong number sense skills
  • Learn to skip count by numbers 1 through 12 using the Learn to Count Five-Day Lesson Plan format and the I Chant, You Chant teaching methodology
  • Analyze numbers
  • Visualize number patterns
  • Practice counting through music, movement, drama, language, and rhythmic chanting activities
  • Multiply and divide using the MathMosis strategy
  • Develop automaticity in fact memorization
Practicing counting daily and through a variety of learning styles will reach all different learners in the classroom and lay the foundation all children need to be successful in higher levels of math.

Teachers love MathMosis because it takes very little instructional time.

Children love MathMosis because MathMosis is fun!

The MathMosis Classroom Kit includes

MathMosis Book
The MathMosis book completely describes the entire MathMosis system. It is filled with short lessons outlining the I Chant, You Chant teaching methodology. The MathMosis book gives teachers quick, at a glance ideas for counting practice activities as well as extension activity ideas that can be integrated with other subjects. It includes reproducible worksheets for fact practice as well as instructions for fact practice games. The MathMosis book is conveniently shrink wrapped with a three-hole punch so educators can place the book in a binder and easily remove pages for reproduction. The MathMosis book is the foundation to the MathMosis system.

MathMosis Mania Games
MathMosis Mania includes four game boards so up to four students can play at a time. It includes transparent bingo chips, a set of dice and a sand timer. Children will learn to play four different MathMosis Mania games. They are:
  • MathMosis Mania Makes Me Memorize Multiples– A Counting Game
  • MathMosis Mania Multiplication
  • MathMosis Mania Division
  • MathMosis Multiplication Bingo

Children practice counting by multiples and practice multiplication and division playing MathMosis Mania games. MathMosis Mania provides children with a visual and kinesthetic approach to learning while having fun. The MathMosis Mania games grow with children as they learn!

MathMosis Posters
There are 12 MathMosis Posters which provide a visual for students while learning to count. The posters are printed on heavy cardstock for long lasting durability. All 12 posters are 23 inches in width and range from 12 inches to 29inches in length depending on the information on the poster. The posters were specifically designed for classroom use with attractive colors and large numbers that students can see in a large group setting. The MathMosis Posters an essential component of the MathMosis system reaching visual learners in your classroom.

MathMosis Music CD
MathMosis Music subliminally teaches children math through music. Children of all ages enjoy this pop-style music while learning and practicing counting by multiples. Children then learn and use the MathMosis multiplication and division strategy which aids in understanding and memorizing multiplication and division problems. Click here to listen to MathMosis Music song samples.a

Recommended Age: K - 3rd Grade

Recommended Quantity: 1 Per Classroom
Price: $159.95


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