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MathMosis™ Music (UPC 01008)
The MathMosis CD is happy and energetic music that is fun for all ages. Children learn to count by multiples through repetition while enjoying MathMosis Music.  MathMosis Music provides children with a strategy which aids in understanding and memorizing multiplication and division problems.  The counting songs are in order from easiest to most difficult so each child can develop number sense at his/her own rate.  The lyrics encompass a variety of topics and attract children from preschool through preteen.  Designed by a teacher and parent, MathMosis is easy to implement both in the classroom and at home.  MathMosis Music is a component of the unique MathMosis system that allows children to learn through many learning styles and encourages children to excel in math at an early age! 
(Click on highlighted links to listen to song samples)

1. Bubbles (Count By 1s)
2. Time To Play! (Count By 10s)
3. Animals at the Zoo (Count By 5s)
4. Snowflakes (Count By 2s)
5. Count Sand (Count By 11s)
6. Explore the Ocean with Me! (Count By 9s)
7. Move With Me! (Count By 3s)
8. Pot Belly Pig Dance (Count By 4s)
9. Celebrate You (Count By 7s)
10. Photosynthesis (Count By 6s)
11. Buon Appetito (Count By 8s)
12. Stellar Scintillation (Count By 12s)

Recommended Age: 4 to 10 years old

Recommended Quantity: N/A
Price: $19.95


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